The Real Secret to Weight Loss

The world is an ever changing society.  The standards of society are what dictates people on what is good and bad.  In the ancient history, society dictates that plump women are sexy.  Most painting models are plump women.  It only goes to show that plumper women are the sexiest in the eyes of society.

Society believes then that bigger size or plus size women are the sign of wealth and abundance.  So if you are skinny, that means that you are poor and have no wealth.  It is a positive sign to be of wealth and to belong to the rich and famous.

Now, things have evolved and the standards of society have changed as well.  The sexiest in the beauty of other people are the slim and skinny individual.  Fat and obese are out.  Plump women are now often the subject of bullying in the society and in social media.

It is true that what the society dictates, people believed and followed.  Modern models are the very skinny women. They are the standards of the new sexy.  Being sexy means having a vital statistics of 36-24-36, this is what they say a perfect figure.  Anything that goes over it is already considered fat.

Medically speaking, being obese or fat does bring a lot of health problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.  Obesity now has nothing to do with the dictates of society.  It is more than just what we imagine.  If you care more about your health, you wouldn’t want to risk your life by being fat.

We condemn the people who put fat people down.  Though it is bad for our health to become fat, it is also not right to be bullying others for their weight.  There are many unavoidable reasons why people got fat.  Some of them are inevitable but we must do something to bring the weight down in order to keep ourselves healthy.

Some Reasons Why People  Get Fat:

  • Child birth

Child birth is one of the common reasons for gaining weight in women.  After giving birth most women were not able to return to their pre-pregnancy weight.  Although there are some who are able to go back to their previous weight so easily others struggle to bring their weight down and fail.

Our body forms changes after giving birth. In order to regain our previous weight back, we need to be active in our lifestyle.  Exercise and make it a daily habit though we are busy rearing our new born.  Be very careful also with the food we eat.  Some foods carry with it a lot of fats and carbohydrates which can easily add weight to us.

  • Hormonal Changes

Hormone changes can bring incredible changes to our weight.  Men and women alike are susceptible to weight gain as they hormonal balance changes.  Hormone changes can bring about a lot of changes in our body and weight gain is one of them.

  • Genetics

If the problem is rooted in genetics, it only means that you have no escape with your faith.  If you belong to a family of obese, more or less you will become obese also.  If you know that you have bigger chances of becoming obese, try to avoid the things that will gain your weight in less time.  Prepare for it early on to prevent certain things from happening.

  • Stress

We often hear stress as the primary suspect in everything.  Well, that is because it is true.  Stress is the root cause of all our health and beauty problems.  So if you are stress there is more chance of eating more.  Because you are stress with one thing, most people would do a lot of eating.  Eating for some people can relieve them of the stress they are feeling.

When this has been done regularly, they will never notice that they are slowly gaining weight.

Knowing the things that can make you gain weight, you can now track your progress and eventually change your eating habits to prevent yourself from becoming obese.

There really is a big stigma on overweight people, but we should not use their weight to put them down. Instead, let us keep them motivated in keeping themselves in shape.

If you are one of the overweight individual sufferings from the stigma of society, use this as your goal or motivation to move forward.  There are a lot of ways and methods to keep those weight down and the only thing that we needed now is the will to keep our desire burning.  The desire to lose that weight forever.

Remember that we are not doing this to be appreciated by other people but rather for our own health.  It is not meant to be sexy and to look sexy but to keep ourselves healthy.  Looking good and feeling good is just one of the many benefits of losing weight.

How do we really lose those weights?

  • Diet and exercise

Dieting doesn’t mean eating. Dieting means eating the right way and the right food at the right time. When we are on a diet, we choose the food we eat, we try to avoid the junks and sweets and choose the real and healthy food for our body.

We do not skip any meal as this is not a healthy way to lose weight.  Eat the usual 3 meals a day but the secret there is, eating the right quantity of food.  Right proportions are required to lose weight.  Eat like a king for breakfast and eat like a pauper for dinner.  Eat less during night time because our body is at rest.

Exercise along with diet will eventually work to your advantage.

  • Avoid mood eating

Mood eating is when you binge on foods on certain moods that you have.  Like when you feel depressed and sad, you turn your attention to eating instead of just sulking down.  Most people do this mood eating most of the time like when they are extremely happy, they would ask friends out to much on something.

  • Avoid all kinds of sweets

Sweets and sugary foods are the number culprit in weight gain.  Do away with sweets like carbonated drinks like soda, you can replace it by drinking green tea instead. Cakes and candies will only make you fat and make you susceptible to diabetes and other health problems.

  • Avoid oily and fatty foods

Oil and fats are another culprits for weight gain.  Avoid eating foods that are fried or deep fried.  This will only add up to the oil and fats that are already in your body.

Eat less and move more, these are the greatest secret to losing weight.  There is no secret to losing weight fast, everything must be a product of hard work.  Work hard to achieve the body that you long to have.

The real secret to losing weight is your discipline and self-control if you can practice this without any difficulty then losing weight would just be as easy as eating peanuts.  Anything can be done if you only put your heart and mind into it.