Green Tea Benefits for the Young and Old

Many of us are coffee lovers but not many are fond of drinking tea.  Tea is very popular in the oriental countries like Japan and China and other Asian countries.

Western people seem to negate the idea of tea drinking.  Tea contains caffeine too, but it is more beneficial than coffee.

Wonder how the Chinese and Japanese people have become so healthy and strong?  We can blame it to their tea drinking habits.  Tea for these people is considered a sacred drink.  They do have a tea drinking ceremony which is a celebration of life.

Well, indeed green tea can prolong the life span of a person.  The many health benefits of green tea can prove advantageous to anyone who drinks it.

Green tea brings a lot of benefits for one’s health.  It is time to start drinking tea for our health.  Many kinds of sugary and sweet drinks are coming out today.  They lurked our young individual into an unhealthy habit of taking too much sugar in their diet.

We all know that sugar is bad for the health.  Young kids are now getting into the habit of consuming too much sugar in their diet.  Sugar appears to be the most delicious food we can consume these days.  But what we are not sure of is the bad effect of sugar on our health.

We cannot pinpoint a single advantage of sugar to our health.  Not all people know what it does to our body.  Well, maybe some people already found out the risk of sugar in the diet, but still, continues to take them because they simply cannot resist the taste.

Green tea will definitely not entice the young generation primarily because of the taste itself.  The bitter bland taste of green tea seems to be off their taste buds.

We should look beyond the taste itself.  Not because it is bitter would mean it would be bitter to our health too.  It is ironic to say that the sweet stuff can sometimes bring the bitter truth to our life.

Green Tea Benefits

  • It can help improve blood flows.

Green tea aids in the good circulation of the blood.  Hypertensive people often suffer from poor circulation of the blood.  It happens when there is already some blockages in the veins which cause it to have a stroke or a heart attack.

Green tea can help in the improvement of blood circulation.

  • It can lower blood cholesterol

Cholesterol has both the good and bad.  If the bad cholesterol is more prominent, it may cause blockages also in the blood circulation. Drinking green tea regularly can help in lowering the bad cholesterol level.

Drinking green tea constantly will also lessen the possibility of a heart attack in the future.

  • It can prevent cancer formation

Though there is no direct link connecting green tea in cancer prevention.  It is therefore proven that green tea can help in the production of healthy cells.  With this premise at hand, experts have concluded that it can, however, control the formation or development of cancer cells.

Well, if you have healthier cells, it will be difficult for the cancer cells to thrive in your system.

But to rely on green tea to prevent cancer is not recommended.  There is no direct link that proves that green tea can directly combat cancer cells.

  • It gives good relaxation benefits.

If you are having a bad day or a stressful day ahead of you.  Sip a cup of green tea and you will be relaxed.  Green tea is a good way to relax your mind.

Perhaps it is one of the greatest benefits you can have for green tea, to give you a soothing and relaxing mind after a stressful day.

Green tea is by far one of the healthiest kind of drink here on earth. Compared with all the sodas and sweet drinks we have nowadays, we can still consider green tea as one of the most beneficial types of drinks.

We can make green tea as the best replacement for sodas and other sweet drinks.  By doing this, you are doing yourself a great favor.

We cannot link green tea as a weight loss regimen but by replacing your sodas with green tea you are sure to shed those pounds off.

Green tea is very rich in antioxidant compounds which are very good for the health and skin.  The antioxidant properties of green tea work well for the skin’s complexion and other blemishes.

According to some studies, green tea was proven to have improved brain function and was proven to make you smarter than ever.

This is really a big advantage in drinking green tea.  If it can make you smarter and wiser, then green tea has also shown some possibility of wearing off the signs of having Alzheimer’s disease.

Because of improving the brain function through green tea, the possibility of acquiring a Dementia or Alzheimer’s have been ruled out.

Therefore green tea has really a lot of benefits to our health and body.

Being a good source of antioxidants, green tea is shown to have improved effects on the skin.

Just like any other natural herbal medicine, nothing works on itself.  Everything should be partnered with good lifestyle and other healthy habits like eating healthy and living healthy.

Do not depend on green tea for all the health benefits that you needed.  Green tea will never work effectively if you continue to do the things that harm your body.

Drinking green tea will work to its full benefits if you will live healthily and avoid the certain vices that could harm your body.  Exercising will help along with a good diet of fruits and vegetables and doing your best to be the best person ever.

Green tea is good if you become good enough for yourself.  But it will be useless if those habits will still get in the way.

Do like what the Chinese and Japanese do, green tea becomes a sacred drink for them.  They drink green tea religiously along with maintaining a good and balanced lifestyle.